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We love our Nurture Slings® and have some important tips and care information to share with you.



  • Please use common sense when using your baby sling carrier and remember you are carrying a baby in it.
  • Keep the baby’s face uncovered at all times.
  • Always make sure that you are supporting your baby with at least one arm until your baby is placed safely inside the sling and you are certain the sling is positioned correctly.
  • Pull up both sides of the sling so your baby is safely positioned low into the pocket. Your baby should be facing up, never in towards you or out against the fabric.
  • When placing a baby in the sling always make sure that the baby’s chin is not resting against his/her chest, and that their head is back far enough to ensure free airflow. Studies show that placing a carefully folded baby blanket behind a baby’s back – from bottom to shoulders, inside the sling, will help lift a child’s chin off his/her chest.
  • Remember that if carrying a toddler, they will be at your reaching level and may find and grab something that could be dangerous.
  • Always be cautious when carrying a child in the kitchen, and we recommend you do not cook whilst carrying a baby in the sling.
  • The sling is intended to use as a baby carrier when walking, standing and sitting only. Never ride a bicycle or run with a baby in the sling.
  • Be alert to your own safety – slings can affect the way you move, particularly on stairs. Be alert for things that may fall on the baby, for example, hot drinks.
  • Be mindful of your baby and please be aware of dangerous objects, hot surfaces, narrow doorways and sharp corners around you at all times.
  • Sizing is very important as the sling is made to fit snugly so that your baby is close to you and you remain comfortable.
  • Never lean forward without supporting your baby with at least one arm.

Care Instructions:

We recommend that our slings are washed in cold water using an eco-friendly detergent. For environmental reasons we suggest hanging dry. The slings may also be dried in a dryer on low heat and can be hot steam ironed, if required.


Sling Sizing

The sizing of our Nurture Sling is very important, as the sling is made to fit snugly so that your baby is carried close to you, and you both remain comfortable.

To see what size is right for you, please visit our sizing page.

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