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Since 2006

Nurture Sling® has been in business for over twelve years making high quality yet affordable Australian made slings. During that time, we have made over ten thousand slings and have helped countless parents carry their babies in a safe and nurturing environment.

The Nurture Sling® is the end result of the development of a comfortable and stylish baby sling. The idea for the sling first came about when I made slings for my grandchildren to be carried in. I was very impressed by the simplicity of using a sling and got inspired to create a basic and stylish yet functional design.

We sincerely hope that the children carried in the Nurture Sling will be loved and truly cared for. We aim to make this business environmentally friendly in every way possible, by using green electricity and riding to the post-box too.


Owner, Designer and Maker

I just wanted to say

Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

My family and I just spent 4 weeks in NZ and all we used was the sling. Matthew just loves it to bits. Everyone stopped and commented or asked where to get one, as they are so simple and wonderful all at the same time. Once again, Thank you so much. Sarah, Kalgoorlie WA.

Designed and Handmade By Me – Helen

Hi, just wanted to let you know the sling is fantastic. It arrived Monday and I have used it everyday since. Grocery shopping with a toddler and a newborn no longer petrifies me! I can continue to contain my two year old in the trolley and nurse the baby and still have both hands free. I have already recommended your sling to pregnant friends. Thank you for providing a great product for such a reasonable price. Kristy

My 18 month and I still live in our sling and it has become my standard birth gift for family and friends. The best baby accessory I’ve found to date. I live without the hassle of a pram and know I can take my baby anywhere as she sleeps on the run! Many thanks yet again. Nola.

I just wanted you to know how much we love the sling we purchased from you. Our fifth child was born in May and got colic when she was only two weeks old. I purchased a sling from you and you shipped it very quickly, I received it within a week. My daughter loves it! Which means I love it! She is a totally different baby. She cries a whole lot less, seems a lot more happy, and is adjusting to the outside world a lot better. Thank you!!! Shayna, Samaria, Idaho, USA.

I purchased one of your slings last week and I felt like I just had to write you an email to let you know how much my son and I LOVE it!! I had him in it for 4 hours straight today and my back is fine and he was as happy as a pig in mud. He is a big boy too. We tried one of the more expensive commercial slings but hated it. Just thought that I would let you know how thrilled I am with it! Thanks. Erin.


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