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Nurture Sling® has been in business for over fifteen years making high quality yet affordable Australian made slings. During that time, we have made over ten thousand slings and have helped countless parents carry their babies in a safe and nurturing environment.

Nurture Sling® is the end result of the development of a comfortable and stylish baby sling. The idea for the sling came about when I looked to make a sling for my children to carry my grandchildren in. I wanted to make something that was simple to use and a lot less complicated than what we used when our kids were little. Nurture Sling® was born when my children gave the nod that the slings were comfortable, practical and their babywearing experience was a positive one.

We sincerely hope that the children carried in the Nurture Sling will be loved and truly cared for. We aim to make this business environmentally friendly in every way possible, by using green electricity and riding to the post-box too.

Helen Jobson


Our Baby Slings

How They Work


Step 1

Grab one of your beautiful slings.

Step 2

Choose one of the 6 positions you are going to wear


Step 3

Follow the sling instructions for placing baby into the sling

Our Slings

Are Handmade Made With Love

Using only the finest 100% organic cotton our soft, luscious and super comfortable baby slings are the first organic cotton slings in Australia. They are better for people and safer for the planet, and it’s so nice to know you and your baby are not exposed to chemical residue coming from the fabric.

Beautiful testimonials from our gorgeous customers.

So much love shared for our organic cotton baby slings 


Thanks again on a great sling xxx…. I have just found out my son has reflux and your sling worked wonders for him.


I purchased one of your slings last week and I felt like I just had to write you an email to let you know how much my son and I LOVE it!!


Hi, I just got my sling and we have not stopped using it. My son loves it so much!


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