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Why our slings?
    • Slings are great for settling small babies: your child is calmed by your movement, your soothing presence and the sound of your heart beating.

    • Nurture Slings promote healthy spinal development in infants. They don't put stress on babies’ spines, unlike some other popular front baby carriers. Many well-known front carriers leave your baby's legs to dangle, placing pressure in all the wrong places of the back and spine.

    • By evenly distributing your baby’s weight across your back, the sling stays supportive and comfortable enough to wear all day whilst walking, cooking, shopping, cleaning, etc. You can also still carry your backpack or shoulder bag whilst out on the move.

    • The deep pouch of the sling provides mothers with privacy to discretely breastfeed in public, even handsfree!

    • Your child can choose how much he/she wants to take in and learn from the world. The Nurture Sling, unlike a lot of other front carriers, gives your child the option to look away, or at you, when in need of a break from all the learning and observing. Therefore, your child does not have to be exposed to too many influences too early and can actually choose to rest when tired.

    • Instead of taking 10 minutes to put your baby in a pram at the shops, take 10 seconds to put your baby in a safe and secure sling.

    Our certified organic cotton is: 
    • the version of its conventional counterpart grown without pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, chemical fertilizers or any other chemicals;
    • better for the Planet. Conventional cotton is one of the most chemically-dependent crops, using up 10% of all agricultural chemicals and 25% of all insecticides. That adds up to about 350g of chemicals to produce enough cotton for a pair of jeans;
    • safer for people. Farm and factory workers are not exposed to chemicals during processing. Wearers are not exposed to chemical residue coming from the fabric, and;
    • subject to strict rules and regulations by a 3rd party. Aside from the ongoing ban of pesticides and other chemicals, certification makes sure that the soil hasn't been sprayed with any of the banned substances for at least three years.

    Our fairtrade, 100% organic cotton sling:

    • is the first organic, Australian made sling on the market.
    • uses fabric that is grown and certified organic. The certifiers vary by location. US fabrics are certified to the USDA Organic standards and our organic fabrics from India are certified organic by SKAL/Control Union, and; 
    • uses fabric from India that is certified fairtrade throughout the whole process, from cotton fibre to fabric.
    • has all prints conforming to the OTA fibre processing standards and GOTS. The fabric dyes and pigments are water based. They are synthetic but have been screened to prevent hazardous inputs from being used. All input must meet stringent toxicity screening and biodegradability standards.